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The key elements of our research framework: genetic variation, traffic related air pollution,
allergens such as house dust mite, and allergic airway disease.

April 2018: Samir and collaborators publish meta-analysis of airway epithelia gene expression in asthma in the European Respiratory Journal.

April 2018: Kelada Lab and Furey Lab obtain UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility Pilot Grant to examine the effect of ozone on gene regulation in alveolar macrophages.

December 2017: Luke Laudermilk publishes paper in G3 on the regulation of Zfp30 expression, a gene linked to neutrophil recruitment in the airway.

September 2017: Luke Laudermilk wins poster presentation award at the International Mammalian Genome Conference in Heidelberg, Germany.

August 2017: Lauren Donoghue and Alessandra Livraghi-Butrico (co-first authors) publish a paper in Genetics on genetic regulation of mucin production in the airways.

April 2017: Greg Smith obtains UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility Pilot Grant on ozone and lung exosomes.

April 2017: Lauren Donoghue wins 1st place in graduate student poster competition at UNC Women in Science Symposium.

December 2016: Kelada Lab wins Department of Genetics Annual Lab Holiday Decoration Contest.

November 2016: Kelada Lab receives UNC Environmental Health & Safety’s Gold Medal for Lab Safety.

June 2016: Lab’s research on ozone is highlighted in NIEHS’s publication Environmental Factor.

May 2016: Kelada lab welcomes two new graduate students to the lab, Lauren Donoghue and Adelaide Tovar.

August 2015: Kelada lab receives NIH/NHLBI funding to identify better mouse models of asthma using a genomic approach.

February 2015: Kelada lab receives NIH/NIEHS funding to study the role of air pollution in allergic airway disease. Press release

October 2014: Kelada lab publishes paper on genetic regulation of neutrophilic inflammation in the journal GENETICS.

September 2014: Samir Kelada receives Joy Cappel Young Investigator Award from Rockland Antibodies and Assays.