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The key elements of our research framework: genetic variation, air pollution,
allergens such as house dust mite, and allergic airway disease.

March 2024: Kelada Lab research on genetic variation, air pollution and lung disease is featured in an interview at the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology.

February 2024: We’re hiring! We have a research technician spot on our team investigating airway epithelial responses to ozone. Learn more here.

October 2023: Lauren’s paper on the role of BPIFB1 in mucociliary clearance and mucus properties was accepted for publication the American Journal of Physiology Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology. Congrats, Lauren!

June 2023: We’ve got a new paper out in PLoS Genetics on the genetics of mucin protein concentration in induced sputum among COPD patients. This was a hard and long-fought victory!

June 2023: Lauren’s paper on the Collaborative Cross strain CC011 as a new model of severe asthma is published in Respiratory Research. Congrats, Lauren!

July 2022: Adelaide’s paper on a new QTL for ozone-induced lung injury is published in the American Journal of Respiratory Cellular Molecular Biology. Way to go, Adelaide!

June 2022: Kelada Lab receives R01 grant from NIEHS to identify genetic variants that influence response to ozone in human airway epithelial cells an in vivo human challenge studies.

May 2022: Sarah Lester joins the Kelada Lab as a first year student in Genetics & Molecular Biology. Looking forward to some exciting years of research with her.

January 2022: Adelaide and Wes Crouse’s paper describing strain-dependent epigenomic and  transcriptomic features of macrophages that influence strain-dependent responses to ozone is  is published in the American Journal of Physiology Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology . Nice work, Adelaide and Wes! And many thanks to Terry Furey for an enjoyable and productive collaboration on this project.

September 2021: Daniel Vargas joins the lab. Welcome aboard!

September 2021: Greg’s paper on ozone-induced changes airway extracellular vesicles is published.

June 2021: Kelada Lab receives R21 grant from NIEHS to study gene-environment interactions with ozone in a mouse model of non-atopic asthma.

May 2021: Kelada Lab receives R21 grant from NIAID to characterize a new mouse model of severe asthma from the Collaborative Cross.

May 2021: Lauren successfully defends her PhD dissertation. Congrats, Lauren!

April 2021: Post-doc position available in our ozone group. More info.

February 2021: Adelaide successfully defends her PhD dissertation. Congrats, Adelaide!

February 2021: Wes Crouse’s recent paper highlighted by the Genetics Society of America .

October 2020: Wes Crouse’s methods paper for inferring the allelic series in multi-parental populations has been published in Genetics. Congrats, Wes!

August 2020: Luke Laudermilk’s manuscript describing our studies of a Zfp30 knockout strain has been accepted in the journal Mammalian Genome. Congrats, Luke!

February 2020: The Kelada and Furey Labs are jointly recruiting a post-doctoral fellow in computational genomics. Learn More

December 2019: Adelaide Tovar joins the new class of Yale Ciencia Academy for Career Development. Congrats, Adelaide!

November 2019: Wes Crouse defends his dissertation. Congrats, Wes!

October 2019: Adelaide and Greg’s manuscript on the airway transcriptional responses to ozone is accepted in Toxicological Sciences.

August 2019: Greg wins post-doc presentation award at the Gordon Research Conference on Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity

July 2019: Lauren wins DeLill Nasser Award from the Genetics Society of America to attend a training course on human genetics. Read more

June 2019: Adelaide and Greg’s manuscript on the airway transcriptional response to ozone is up on BioRXiv here

May 2019: Greg’s manuscript on the development of large-scale ozone exposure facility is published in Inhalation Toxicology.

April 2019: Adelaide Tovar wins UNC Graduate School Travel Award AND an American Thoracic Society Minority Trainee Development Award.

April 2019: Luke Laudermilk successfully defends his thesis. Congrats Luke!

March 2019: Wes Crouse and Greg Keele publish a paper on power to detect QTL in the Collaborative Cross in G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics.

September 2018: Greg Smith is awarded Golberg Fellowship in Toxicology from UNC.

July 2018: Samir is promoted to Associate Professor!

July 2018: Lauren Donoghue is awarded NIH/NHLBI F31 Fellowship Award.

April 2018: Samir and collaborators publish meta-analysis of airway epithelia gene expression in asthma in the European Respiratory Journal.

April 2018: Kelada Lab and Furey Lab obtain UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility Pilot Grant to examine the effect of ozone on gene regulation in alveolar macrophages.

December 2017: Luke Laudermilk publishes paper in G3 on the regulation of Zfp30 expression, a gene linked to neutrophil recruitment in the airway.

September 2017: Luke Laudermilk wins poster presentation award at the International Mammalian Genome Conference in Heidelberg, Germany.

August 2017: Lauren Donoghue and Alessandra Livraghi-Butrico (co-first authors) publish a paper in Genetics on genetic regulation of mucin production in the airways.

April 2017: Greg Smith obtains UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility Pilot Grant on ozone and lung exosomes.

April 2017: Lauren Donoghue wins 1st place in graduate student poster competition at UNC Women in Science Symposium.

December 2016: Kelada Lab wins Department of Genetics Annual Lab Holiday Decoration Contest.

November 2016: Kelada Lab receives UNC Environmental Health & Safety’s Gold Medal for Lab Safety.

June 2016: Lab’s research on ozone is highlighted in NIEHS’s publication Environmental Factor.

May 2016: Kelada lab welcomes two new graduate students to the lab, Lauren Donoghue and Adelaide Tovar.

August 2015: Kelada lab receives NIH/NHLBI funding to identify better mouse models of asthma using a genomic approach.

February 2015: Kelada lab receives NIH/NIEHS funding to study the role of air pollution in allergic airway disease. Press release

October 2014: Kelada lab publishes paper on genetic regulation of neutrophilic inflammation in the journal GENETICS.

September 2014: Samir Kelada receives Joy Cappel Young Investigator Award from Rockland Antibodies and Assays.